COVID-19 Positivity Rate in Metro Manila Reaches 25.9%

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COVID-19 Positivity Rate in Metro Manila Reaches 25.9%

The positivity rate of COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila has risen to 25.9%, according to the latest figures released by the Department of Health.

The Department of Health (DOH) recently announced that the positivity rate of COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila has reached 25.9%. This is a worrying statistic, as it indicates that the number of new infections is on the rise despite efforts to contain the spread of the virus. 

The DOH also reported that there are currently 1,817 active cases in Metro Manila, with a total of 8,731 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic. The majority of these cases are located in Quezon City (1,521), followed by Manila (1,073), and Caloocan (739). It is important to note that these figures do not include those who have recovered or died from the virus. 

The DOH attributed the increase in positive cases to a combination of factors including inadequate contact tracing and testing, as well as people disregarding social distancing guidelines and other health protocols. They also noted that some people may be hesitant to seek medical attention due to fear or lack of resources. 

To address this issue, the DOH has implemented several measures such as increasing testing capacity and providing free testing for those without health insurance. They have also been working closely with local governments to ensure that contact tracing is conducted properly and that health protocols are being followed. 

In addition, they have urged the public to remain vigilant and adhere to safety guidelines such as wearing face masks, washing hands regularly, and avoiding large gatherings. They also reminded everyone to stay at home if feeling unwell and seek medical attention immediately if symptoms persist or worsen. 

The DOH emphasized that while these measures can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, everyone must remain vigilant and take responsibility for their own actions. They stressed that only through collective effort can we hope to contain the virus and protect our communities from further harm.