OFWs safe amid China-Taiwan row – Meco chie

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OFWs safe amid China-Taiwan row – Meco chie

The Chief of the Migrante International, Garry Martinez, has assured Filipino Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) that they are safe amid the ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan.

Martinez said that the safety of OFWs should be a top priority for the government and that it is their responsibility to ensure that Filipinos abroad are well taken care of. He added that the government must also provide assistance to those who have been affected by the situation in order to help them cope with any financial losses or other difficulties they may face.

The Chief further stated that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) should work closely with overseas labor offices in countries where there are many Filipino workers, such as China and Taiwan, to monitor the situation. He also urged all employers to observe proper labor standards and take extra precautions when dealing with workers from both countries.

Martinez also expressed his concern over reports of discrimination against Filipino workers in some parts of China due to the strained relations between the two countries. He said that while he understands the need for caution on both sides, he believes that Filipino workers should not be made to suffer because of politics.

He called on the Philippine government to take diplomatic action if necessary and to make sure that Filipino workers are protected from any form of discrimination or abuse. He also urged both governments to work together towards resolving their differences peacefully.

In conclusion, Martinez reiterated his assurance that OFWs are safe despite the current tensions between China and Taiwan and encouraged them to remain vigilant and take extra precautions when working in either country. He also asked employers to respect labor rights and treat Filipino workers fairly regardless of their nationality.