NAOS Esports Secures Valorant Ascensions Berth After Beating Oasis Gaming

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NAOS Esports Secures Valorant Ascensions Berth After Beating Oasis Gaming

NAOS Esports has secured a berth in the Valorant Ascensions tournament after defeating Oasis Gaming in an intense match. Read more to find out how they pulled it off.

NAOS Esports have secured a berth in the upcoming Valorant Ascensions tournament after an intense match against Oasis Gaming. The match was held on Saturday, June 5, and saw NAOS Esports come out on top with a 2-1 victory.

The first map of the match was Bind, which went to NAOS Esports 16-13. The second map, Haven, was much closer, with Oasis Gaming taking it 13-11. The third and final map was Split, and it was here that NAOS Esports really shined, taking it 16-9 and securing their spot in the tournament.

This was a huge win for NAOS Esports, who had been struggling in the lead up to this match. They had lost four consecutive matches before this one, and were in danger of missing out on the Ascensions tournament altogether. However, their victory over Oasis Gaming has given them a new lease on life and they are now looking forward to competing in the tournament.

The Valorant Ascensions tournament is set to take place later this month and will feature some of the best teams from around the world. It promises to be an exciting event, and NAOS Esports will be hoping to make a good showing and prove that they belong among the elite teams in the game. 

This victory is also a major boost for the Philippine Valorant scene as a whole. With NAOS Esports now qualified for the tournament, there is hope that other local teams can follow suit and compete at the highest level of competition. This could be just what the scene needs to take it to the next level and become one of the best regions in Valorant. 

Overall, this was an incredible performance by NAOS Esports and they should be commended for their hard work and determination. They have shown that even when things look bleak, they can still fight back and come out on top. Now all eyes will be on them as they prepare for the Valorant Ascensions tournament later this month.